Balls to suit every customer wish

KGM stands for balls of the highest precision and quality. There are also customer requirements, in which balls are required for less demanding applications, such as pens, furniture, simple technical assemblies or balls for filling bores or hollow bodies

Logo der KGM China (Web)

To be able to provide balls for such simple applications, KGM set up the purchasing company KGM Precision Components in China in 2012. The location is Kunshan in southern China in the greater Shanghai area.

Of course, the goods from China are not just shipped indiscriminately to customers: before the products get to Europe, they first pass through our complex control system and are carefully checked for flawless quality – locally in our own laboratories. Depending on the customer needs, the extent of the quality control ranges from random tests up to 100-percent testing.

KGM Precision Components has DIN ISO 9001 certification – top class work to high international standards is thus officially confirmed.

Even in the procurement of more complex parts and assemblies “made in China”, we are happy to help. Word of how high-quality the products from the factory in Fulda are has spread in a very short time in China: What was originally planned as a purchasing and quality location, has visibly developed into a new, increasingly stronger sales channel for the Fulda premium goods in the Chinese economy.

Speak to us – about any issues regarding the Asian market.