Employees know exactly…

...why they work at KGM

Gudrun Weber
“I enjoy the work” – is how KGM employee Gudrun Weber (45 years old) sums up her job. The trained industrial clerk (married with two children) has followed the development of the company since she started in the factory in 1987 as a trainee, and today runs the accounting department:

“I’ve always been a numbers person and I feel comfortable with book entries. The best part is, however, whenever the customer account is at 0. What I like about my work at KGM, is particularly the company’s family background. Here you’re not just a number, but a personality and that’s something you can’t take for granted nowadays. If the boss personally wishes you a nice day, that is really nice; especially nowadays, where the pace of life has become much faster. Everyone wants everything yesterday and the requirements for dealing with EDP are getting more and more specific. A pleasant working environment and friendly colleagues are essential as far as I am concerned. If that were not the case at KGM, I probably would have not been as quick to come back to work after the birth of my children. And the part-time job of 20 hours a week makes it possible for me to have enough time for my family. I really appreciate that. But that is generally the way it is here: KGM makes the return to work for young mothers after giving birth easy and that is one of the very reasons why I feel so comfortable here.”

Lena Müller
Initially she did not think there was anything special about balls per se, says KGM employee Lena Müller (20 years old). As she became aware, however, in how many objects you will find balls and where they assume important functional properties, the fascination for them quickly grew greatly in the trainee in her first year of training:

lena_mueller“I think it is amazing that the balls we produce are fitted not only in technical equipment, but are also used in things like medicine or cosmetics. Those were some of the points that I learned in the first months of my training. I have spent time in three departments in the company since September 2014. I did four months on the switchboard, one month in the finished goods store and now I’m working in the warehouse. I really like that because there is always something happening, even just through contact with the suppliers. Somehow I think the Employment Agency worked out what I needed. It was them you see who got me to apply with my skills and interests as an industrial clerk to KGM. At that stage, I didn’t know anyone in the company. I then started my training with four other trainees. We were even allowed to hone the balls – as a trial in the training workshop. That was cool. But now I am looking forward to the commercial department with wages, work and accounting. I am particularly interested in sales. In the third year of training, there is also the international business alongside domestic business. That is what I am really looking forward to. I would like to work here when I complete my training. The people are nice and the work is fun -. I can well imagine staying in the company.”