Balls made of special materials

Balls made of special materials
The range of balls we produce includes
balls made from a multitude of materials.

In the case of non-ferrous metals, standard materials include:
Bronze e.g. ( CW453K ) ( CuSn8 )
Copper (2.0065) E-Cu58
Brass e.g. ( CW507L ) ( CuZn36 )
Titanium e.g. ( 3.7035 )

Diameters from 1 mm
Grades (Grade) G100 to G500.
Cronidur, Hastelloy or Vacodil may also be materials that are particularly well suited to your application.

Balls made of sintered materials e.g. carbide and ceramics.
Diameters: 1 mm to 25 mm. Grades dependent on the material.
The many possible uses for these materials include, for example, vehicle construction,
measuring technique and gate valves.

On special request, we can also supply coated balls. For example: silver, zinc or chrome plated
or thick-film passivated. Such coating provides a specific resistance to certain ambient media.

Is your preferred material not listed?
Then we look forward to your inquiry.


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