"If there is something moving, there is usually a ball involved somewhere“

Absolutely dust-free goods that nobody is allowed to touch

“If there is something moving, there is usually a ball involved somewhere“, says Ronny Liewehr. The commercial specialist in the KGM shipping runs the warehouse management, transport arrangements and shipment preparation for other European countries. The 35-year-old sees a variety of balls every day, but when packing, he particularly appreciates the ones made of plastic materials, “because they are of course particularly light”.

Preparing a shipment with rather heavy goods, affects the hoisting technology you see, says the man from Petersberg, who has been employed at the factory since July 2014 “If there are two equal-sized packages and the first is filled with steel balls and you then lift one with balls made of plastic materials, in some cases one could almost flies out of your hand due to excessive swing and due to its lightness”, says Liewehr laughing.

Otherwise, it is mainly the high quality balls, for example, for use in MRI scanners, which place high demands on the type of packaging and may only be dispatched under strictly defined conditions and obligations – such as if the absolute absence of dust is required.

“Other balls may not be touched or come into contact with the skin, as there is the danger from sweaty palms that they will rust,” explains the shipping expert and refers simultaneously to country-specific features.

Liewehr quickly settled into his new field of work. He came to the factory through a friend who was already in the company. The 34-year-old particularly appreciates the good working atmosphere and working hours at his employer’s. The flexibility of the factory in terms of the personal concerns of the employees is worthy of mention, “you can feel very comfortable here.”