Sustainable, environmentally-friendly – with good results for everyone

Sustainability – a much-used phrase. We fill it with real life and tangible action. To ensure a minimum environmental impact, KGM regularly invests in environmentally-friendly technologies.

We run our own cogeneration plant, allowing us to produce our own heat and power highly efficiently. To save additional energy we use photovoltaic on our premises and have switched our outdoor lighting to LED.

Our products themselves also represent real provision for the future. Never before has a final product had to be disposed of because a KGM ball fitted was broken. Our balls “live” considerably longer than the end products themselves.

We also foster sustainability in the resource “staff”. We look after our team, support an open working atmosphere, and enjoy the feeling of togetherness and good results for everyone. This creates loyalty among our employees to our and their company. Low staff turnover and long periods of service speak for themselves.