“ 'accumulated ball expertise' – a skill she cultivates in three languages: in German, English and 'Platt' “

Employees know exactly ... what KGM products can do

Balls in motion – KGM employee Tatjana Kalb

The smallest of the balls manufactured at KGM are only one millimetre in diameter and can be found in speedometers. But numerous other balls produced by KGM are used in the automotive sector, for example in steering, braking or in belt tensioning systems. Tatjana Kalb knows about this as well. Now 50 years old, she has been with KGM in sales/export for over 20 years. Her colleagues will attest her “accumulated ball expertise” – a skill she cultivates in three languages: English, German and “Platt”, as she says.

Tatjana Kalb just loves driving her VW Golf, thereby affirming her preference for a rather non-distinct specimen, a small chromium steel ball that is used along with approximately 70 others of its kind in a single parking brake. So, in her vehicle the long-term KGM employee, a native of the Rhön, uses one of the products that she sells every day. Although this special chrome steel ball does not look much different at first glance from others, in many cases it is one step ahead of them: as a safety-relevant part, it must meet the DIN standard 5401. Precision work is therefore required.

Tatjana Kalb really appreciates the family atmosphere and the camaraderie that prevail in the factory. And she is chuffed with the idea that not only her vehicle, but many other products as well contain balls from Fulda.

“If there is a ball rolling around in the nail varnish, it is most likely a ball from KGM.”

No question about it – the KGM portfolio is extensive.